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Often it is the little things in agency life that bring us particularly large doses of joy. Smaller projects that we realise with as much devotion as an in-depth brand design. We have given these selected individual works a special name: little acts of heroism.

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Design for the Naurath Hunting Club

The passionate hunters of Naurath, located in the beautiful Hunsrück mountain range, love that something special – whether it comes to hunting apparel, vehicles or the events. So there was no doubt that our design concept – from the logo, typography and office equipment through to the hunting invitation and selected materials – also had to be exquisite and extraordinary. Topped off by a hearty ‘Halali!’, the traditional German hunter’s call.

  • 01_Uebersicht
  • 02_Flyer
  • 03_Postkarten
  • 04_Menuekarte
  • 05_Dreieransicht_website
  • 09_Illustrationen
  • 10_Endbild
  • 06_Bildwelt-Exterieur
  • 07_Bildwelt-Interieur
  • 08_Bildwelt-Kueche


Brand design Hotel Fährhaus

The traditional five-star superior Hotel Fährhaus belongs to the Fährhaus Hotel Collection, a small hotel chain of luxurious private hotels. The Hotel Fährhaus, located directly at the Munkmarsch marina on Sylt, is marked by its notably charm, extraordinary hospitality and outstanding star cuisine, which makes every stay a very special, individual holiday experience. This unique mixture was the benchmark for our "Fährhaus design concept", which is characterized by nordic colours, detailed illustrations, fine typography and aesthetic photography and which unfolds its welcoming effect across all media - print and digital.

  • 09_DB_Schenker_Kreisdiagramm_stat
  • 07_DB_Schenker_Typing
  • 04_DB_Schenker_Landkarte_Typewriter
  • 06_DB_Schenker_Schraeger_Schleier
  • 03_DB_Schenker_Kreisdiagramm_dyn
  • 05_DB_Schenker_Gebaeude
  • 08_DB_Schenker_Fakten-Grafik
  • 00_DB_Schenker


Scrollytelling for DB Schenker

As one of the world’s leading logistics suppliers, DB Schenker has a comprehensive portfolio of transport and contract logistics solutions for a wide range of industries. Every day, the leading provider of integrated logistics opens its ‘gates to the world’ at more than 100 locations throughout Germany. This was also our claim for the scrollytelling concept. In our concept, overlapping designs and moving graphic elements merge images, videos and text, whilst maintaining a clear and linear story and core message. Infographics with fascinating animations and impressive figures, data and facts show the scrollytelling users the comprehensive branch expertise of DB Schenker throughout the entire supply chain. Infotainment at its best – opens the gates!

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  • IMG_1810_bea
  • IMG_1950_bea
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  • IMG_1997_bea_neu
  • IMG_2027_bea_neu
  • 5_ToniToni


Brand Design for Toni Toni

The new brand Toni Toni is based on a novel street-food concept, where traditional Italian cuisine meets the American way of life – everything is ready to be served in 120 seconds. This turns fresh pizzas, delicious antipasti, crunchy salads and crispy flatbreads into an innovative food-to-go experience at selected international street-food festivals and in pedestrianised areas of German cities.

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Corporate Design for Clearwater International

Clearwater International stands for excellence in corporate finance – and that was precisely our requirement for the development of this premium brand appearance. A clear statement to underscore the profound expertise and high level of industry competence of the individual consultant teams. In addition to using decorative fonts and the unconventional presentation of figures, we gave the core messages plenty of space to unfurl. What is more, we created an illustrative style accompanied by watercolour surfaces and developed colour-reduced imagery combined with handwritten statements. Financial communication can be quite boring – but it doesn’t have to be.

  • 2_Rindt
  • 3_Rindt
  • 2_Rindt
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  • 5_Rindt
  • 6_Rindt
  • 1_Rindt


Corporate identity and corporate design for Rindt Druck

Rindt Druck has produced a wide range of projects for us for more than ten years now. The time had come for us to do something for our favourite print shop. The task was to create a new holistic design – based on a new corporate identity. So, in various meetings with company management, we developed a forward-looking position that absolutely does justice to the commitment of the staff and the value creation processes: ‘Rindt Druck – the value-added print shop.’

  • 2_BBH
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  • Motiv_01_BB-H_1620x1080
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  • Motiv_05_BB-H_1620x1080


Annual reports for the BB-H

In addition all of the figures the new annual reports of the Bürgschaftsbank Hessen should now also communicate the core values of the company. As a result of the preliminary joint workshop, we placed people in the center of our design in this concept series. We derived clear messages from the core values and provided the necessary space for their visual development. Interesting facts and systematic operations of BB-H – e.g. the process from the founders’ idea to the granting of credit – was given clear structures and more weight through new, exciting graphics.

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  • 8_Krick
  • 1_Krick
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  • 5_Krick


Image and product brochure for networks people, services and companies in the digital world – with more than 400 employees at five locations in various areas of the corporate family. For the first time, all of that needed to be bundled, structured and put on display. Our idea was a two-in-one brochure concept. Our connective elements were a modern interior architecture and friendly people. Our emotional design elements were a dynamic network as the key visual, new font combinations and catchy texts and messages. Everything with a clear, reduced design with plenty of white space.

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Imagery for Twentyone Brands

Yes, we are extremely proud of our imagery – conceptualised, constructed and laid out in our own creative workshop. All objects were developed from various papers and using various techniques, and were shot in the studio until each motif was a true masterpiece and completely met our lofty requirements with regard to form, structure, light and perspective. Thank you to everyone who worked on this project with such a love for detail. It was a crazy amount of work that was clearly worth it – because we love paper!

  • 6_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 7_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 8_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 1_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 2_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 3_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 4_Hochzeit_Alexej
  • 5_Hochzeit_Alexej


Invitation concept for a true dream wedding

A wedding ceremony on Sylt requires a design full of love. So we developed a small lighthouse as the key visual, charming icons and a unique world of colour consisting of ocean blue and cream white with striking neon colours for the wedding highlights. Premium papers and subtle embellishments set the perfect stage for elements such as invitations, place cards, thank-you cards, menus and gift tags.