Enjoy The
Taste of Life

The Toni Toni restaurants
The Toni Toni embodies what we imagine an ideal restaurant chain to be: Italo-American cuisine, excellent food creations in an exceptional restaurant interior, outstanding product quality, fresh, international ingredients. Everything is finished with perfected craftsmanship and entirely in the style of the high-quality, Mediterranean Kitchen.
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Enjoy the taste of life

At The Toni Toni, pure food enjoyment and the coming together of people are at the center of the corporate philosophy. All dishes are handmade, everything is fresh. These aspects were the focus of all communication for us. Everything therefore had to be very close, emotional, authentic and, above all, enjoyable. Only then will the guests feel "The Taste of Life".
»A lovingly handmade
corporate design developed
for handmade food quality.«
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Masters of taste

Cooking is an old handcraft. But to create extraordinary pleasurable experiences, it takes more than craftsmanship - it takes a vision, it takes passion and it takes perfection. All of this makes "The Toni Toni" a special place with a trendy feel-good atmosphere. For this we have defined and designed the appropriate words, images, stylistic devices and materials. Simple, classy, touchable, emotional. All communication takes place straightforwardly and at eye level with the viewer. It welcomes everyone who wants to enjoy life - here and now - to the fullest.