A journey

The new Phoenix online pharmacy portal should be a resounding success from day one. To ensure this, we developed a comprehensive marketing strategy with a structured campaign process for the implementation of a cross-media marketing campaign for all relevant digital and analogue media.
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Setting off together

The campaign motto ‘Gemeinsame Reise’ points the way towards a new, digital era and is supported in terms of content by targeted innovation and more efficiency in the health market. In our campaign, even the tiniest textual and design details fit together like jigsaw pieces, which unite to reveal an impressive overall picture. Carefully placed style elements and charming text blocks with their own play on words make our journey motto extremely vivacious and convey the valuable benefits and features of the new online portal for Germany’s community pharmacies.
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»80 per cent registration requests
after two weeks – a huge success
for our campaign.«
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»The captivating thing about
a charming and unobtrusive
idea is that it works charming
and unobtrusive.«
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Carefree and emotional

Lightness, brightness and conciseness are the visual success factors of our campaign. We took all pharmacies on a journey into the digital future. The special advantages of the new online portal were not only unbelievably well written, but were also staged so effectively that no decision maker could ignore the huge benefits offered by the new online portal.
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