Great wines

Passion hoch drei
Craftsmanship, tradition and creation: Passion hoch drei embodies pure passion for great wines. Discovering new vineyards, selecting extraordinary wines and hand-picking them for their customers – that is the passion of wine and champagne experts Hummel und Albinus. And we developed the whole brand design – with great passion and devotion.


Our slogan takes the essence of Passion hoch drei and embodies it in only two words: great wines. The purism and straightforwardness of our design enabled us to express the inner values of the company simply and in a special way. Style elements such as large letters, clear contrasts and emotional images – some in colour, some in black and white – create an exciting design atmosphere.
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Impressive pictures, clear language and interesting fonts generate a powerful and emotional build-up of excitement for Passion hoch drei. In the customer’s own magazine ph3, expressive motifs and well-written stories give the reader the feeling of being taken on a journey of enjoyment to directly experience the world of wine, champagne and the like.
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