Passion for
Total Return

Ansa Capital Management
Ansa Capital Management is an internationally active boutique investment company – owner-managed, self-invested and independent. And straightforward, without frills, but with style and a very high expectation of that something special. We used this motto to develop the new brand appearance of the successful asset management company.


Ansa stands for its founder and CEO Dr Andreas Sauer – Ansa is Dr Andreas Sauer. So it was clear to us that the brand appearance had to be based on his personality. We therefore developed a premium design that stands for elegance, high standards and strength of character. A design that is both high-quality and exquisite as well as inspiring and appealing.


The intrinsic value of the brand appearance as a whole is reflected not only in the design, but also in the selected materials. Embellishments like embossments or the use of special copper films turn all communications into an optical and haptic experience. The intentional contrast provided by extraordinary black-and-white motifs underscore the unique style of the design.