Pure hand-
made Quality

Deligreece is a German company based on 100 years of Greek tradition. Giving it a new, unique appearance
and a fresh, expressive identity was a truly great task. A comprehensive and diverse project with lots of freedom to really get our creativity flowing.
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The leading brand

Deligreece asked us to take care of everything an ambitious company needs for successful marketing and sales in the next few years. In short, a solid brand foundation with branding, corporate design, marketing strategy, product marketing and targeted communication to all relevant touchpoints. Our own project mission statement was the overarching company vision – the aim to make Deligreece the leading premium brand in Germany’s delicatessen market.

Over 150 packagings

Alongside a characteristic brand identity, unique corporate design and target group-based marketing concept, over 150 versions of packaging were developed for more than 70 products for delicatessen and food retail as well as the hotel and catering trade. This covered a total of nine product categories: extra virgin olive oils, Cretan fleur de sel, hand-picked wild herbs, hearty appetisers, aromatic tomato sauces, exquisite wild honeys and special jams and chutneys with a particularly high percentage of fruit.