The spirit of
Modern Art

Gallery of the Century
Art, especially modern art, has to be expressive and experimental. This conviction was our driving force for more design freedom. So the brand concept for the Gallery of the Century is somewhat louder, rougher and more provocative – but the result is straightforward and consistent.


The brand appearance of the Gallery of the Century is like its creator: self-confident, straightforward and not quiet in the slightest. A little over the top is fine as long as it’s well done in the end. Our fundamental design concept featured large fonts, powerful surfaces, raw materials and direct imagery.
»Thinking differently is just
as important in design as it
is in art.«
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The Gallery of the Century communicates modern art in its own way – effortlessly and without convention. This freedom also needed to be clearly communicated in the artist catalogue, so the design is open, leaves space for messages, graphics and images. Text and design show spontaneity and directness in the middle of an orderly structure and a clear design pattern.